Surrounding cacophony of

Streaming data

Noisy images

Saturating my senses

And I

Like a chameleon lying

Abed a bowl of psychedelic coloured candy

Absorb it all,



I must flick a switch



26 thoughts on “OVERLOAD

  1. Awesome post.

    Sensory overload often requires that I flick the switch and go within for a bit.



    Did you paint that chameleon? I love it!

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  3. Oh my, yes! Sensory overload. Too much noise, signs, ads, billboards … and right now I’m listening to the cacophay of highway droan, buzz saw, and the bus. Sounds trite to say it, but you “hit the nail on the head,” Cindy! Made me chuckle. Thanks! Going for my blinders and ear plugs now . . .

  4. that was one bundle of wit!! loved the style, and the analogy!
    I was reminded of phones, laptops, disco lights, and all sortsa things! πŸ™‚ Hitting me in the eye and senses… until I scream ‘enough already’ and shut it out!!!
    lovely poem!!! I see some frustration/irritation in there too πŸ˜‰ (i might just be wrong though…)

  5. Sjoe, you’ve captured what my little boy lives with every day so perfectly. He has sensory integration disorder and this is how he experiences the world: too loud, too bright, too much. We’re trying to help him find “off” switches for himself. I hope you don’t mind if I print this out for him. He’s only 5 so for now he will appreciate the psychedelic chameleon.

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