What I didn’t expect yesterday, not having visited a nursery in a while, was how exciting gardening has become with the advent of garden bling. Yes, I found strings of crystals twisted through tree branches, tiny silver cherubs lay sleeping under ferns and the array of pots and furniture that could make me do a serious amount of damage to my credit card.

Anyway, a girl can dream and that’s what I’ll do, create a fantasy corner in my own garden…

I’ve just painted a wall a sensuous shade of carnation, our gardener is busy giving all the terracotta containers a coats of silver and red. Naturally, the space needs masses of red roses to offset the new outdoor chandelier and the champagne that will sparkle in the new crystal glasses tonight, but – alas – the paint won’t be dry enough to eat out there, so I’ve set the stage for a candlelit meal indoors…


26 thoughts on “DAYDREAMING

  1. Yip I could also spend spend spend at one of those places – in fact – the black frost took good care of mostof my potted garden (only potted garden – no in ground plants) so I do need to pay a visit…………………………………….
    Is that the nursery on the corner of Jan Smuts and that other road whose name I cannot remember?

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  3. There’s nothing to beat walking around a nursery and seeing the latest trends. The show had some stunning glass planters – huge ones which took me up to my shoulders, some sandblasted and others not. Sadly each one came with a little price tag of R8000 upwards.

  4. I love nursery’s…pottering in the garden’s one of my favourite things…growing a herb garden…it is hard to grow certain things here in the tropics, mostly I miss a rose garden. I so love reading about your life and interests my friend. Almost time to go to bed for you…sweet dreams Princess oxox

  5. Hi Cin. Admit my ignorance when it comes to garden bling… does seem a nice spot for meals and enjoying champagne!

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