A friend from way back when, mad Irishman; Michael, and his brother, Paul, came for lunch. We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny Highveld afternoon.

I served a butternut, parsley and lentil soup to start, with my friend Melanie’s party trick: a crusty French loaf stuffed with smoked oysters and garlic butter.

Our main course was snoek (popular South African fish, of the baracuda family)  which I had marinated in lime juice and rainbow peppers, with a salad I made for the first time: new potatoes, zucchini and olives, with sundried tomatoes I had soaked in a vermouth and herb reduction.

Paul is a cordon bleu chef and pronounce it the best meal he has had in a long time.

I love cooking for appreciative guests …


25 thoughts on “MAD IRISHMEN ON A SUNDAY

  1. My mond water so baie vir ‘n lekker stukkie snoek…niks in die wereld soos dit nie!! Ek doen “food critique” vir ‘n plaaslike koerant in my vrye tyd (once a month) en jou resepte en kos lyk altyd tops en ‘n defnitiewe wenner in my opinie!! The crusty French loaf stuffed with smoked oysters and garlic butter is ‘n wenner en ek gaan dit beslis probeer!!! Yummmm!! xxx

    • Dankie buttercup, ek het eintlik gedink jy doen dit voltyd, want jou eie kos lyk altyd so professioneel. Daai brood was verskriklik lekker, ek gaan dit sommer gereeld maak.
      Cut a French loaf in half, lenghtwise. Smear insides with garlic and butter, pack with smoked oysters (or mussels). Close the loaf and make one-inch-interval cuts to almost the bottom. Cover in tin foil and heat through prior to serving.

  2. Hi Cin! Invite me over sometime for a meal, would you? I don’t eat much, but I am very appreciative! The only thing in the menu above to leave out are the olives (unless they are ripe!). I never developed a taste for the green ones.

    BTW, I don’t know what the problem is leaving a comment on my posts…oh well! You can leave one here if you like – I’ll check back! Also, for a laugh, check out my post on “You know you’re getting older when…” I’d love to read some of your observations on the subject!

      • Thanks, Cin! It worked! In case you don’t wander back over there, here is my reply to your comment:

        “Anonymous” works for me, and say! Wouldn’t you love to own the copyright on that name? Talk about royalties due! We could be rich! I’ll be “Ms. Anonymous,” and you can be “Ms. Author Unknown.”

        BTW: You know you’re getting older when you amuse yourself more than anybody else! 😀

  3. That soup sounds yummy!

    I’ve made butternut squash soup and many versions of lentil soup, but never together.

    Paired with garlic bread. Mmm . . .

  4. good god!! I think I got a whiff of those aromas here as well… lentil soup…yummmiiieee!!! And the Snoek dish looks …slurp slurp! I just got back to having seafood after a year-long break… and so this sooooo tantalizing to to my taste buds AND eyes!! 🙂
    Awesome pictures… they sure have justice to the efforts you and your friend put into making those goodies..

  5. Cindy! How can you have such scrumptiously sublime food pics on your blog when I am on a D I E T ? One thing I hope is that when I come for that bottle of wine, I am going to get invited for dinner too…and then you know what…SCREW THE DIET!!! 😉

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