Jason Brown is a policeman who lives and works in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

He posts his poetry on the Facebook group, SILENT SCREAM OF A BLUE SHADOW

I wanted to share his latest photograph and poem here, in a salute to men and woman in our Police Force, who must deal with scenes like this on a daily basis. 

Little girl,
I see you.

Little girl,
I see you
Your skin as cold as steel,

Little girl,
I see you
And as I wipe the chocolate off your lips
I’m sure I saw you smile,

Little girl,
I see you
But I know those lifeless eyes
See me not anymore,

I turn
Skyward I gaze,
Scream to God,
Telling him how I wished I could see him,
Then I’d tell him exactly what I thought of him,

Little girl,
I see you
Even if God wasn’t bothered
And let you lie here and die,

Little girl,
I see you
Every time I close my eyes…


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  1. Paula says:

    Cin: Poetry does not get much better or more eloquent than that! It speaks so much about the frustrations we feel. I often shout at and become quite angry with God, in response to all the injustice and cruelty I see in this world. I am fortunate to understand that God has big shoulders and can and does take whatever I have to dish out and continues to love me.

    It is one of the facts of life: Injustice and cruelty of humanity is among the most terrible prices we pay for being “free” to do and say as we wish. I believe deep in my soul that God was with that little girl as and when she died. There is NOTHING that God cannot do, but there are things God will not do, because God gave us the freedom to choose. Those choices have inevitable and collateral consequences. I would probably not be alive today if I did not firmly believe that God is with me in my suffering as well as in my joy. God loves me exactly the way I am. I have to change nothing in myself for God to love me. If I choose to love God, then there have to be some changes made!

    My heart goes out to that wonderful police officer, and all who must daily witness humanity’s cruelty to all creation! We all have some work to do.

    Thanks for posting, Cin! And thank you so much, Jason, for this post, and for all your brother and sister public servants who daily put your lives on the line for us!

  2. Loreen Lee says:

    Perhaps we can think that God sees the little girl through the eyes of the Police Officer. If only every one of us would attempt to make that possibility more and more an actuality.
    I recently stopped a dialogue with a young writer on WEBook because he published some Dark Child poems; one of which was the thoughts of a perpetrator who had just killed a child and after reading some of the child’s books, put them down to continue his victimization of the family and ‘play’ that is, kill the mother. It was too much for me.
    There has been instances of perpetration and victimization in my life, and it was difficult. But after a couple of weeks I requested again his friendship. This is because I understand that often even the perpetrator is acting out a pain that comes from the hurt he/she has endured in their life time. I learned as a child that ‘God forgives’. It is possible that if we could forgive all past ‘hurts’, that of the perpetrator and the victims alike, that hell would finally be wiped off the face of this planet.
    But, I firmly believe, that we cannot do this, unless we are brace, and courageous enough to look the past squarely in the face and not ‘run away’ from the misdemeanors of history; personal or social, as they occurred in past time, or the consequences of the past as they proceed into the future within the so-called ‘now’. If we become too absorbed in ‘our now’, we can too easily forget to take cognizance of the pain of others. There’s a contradiction happening in this new-fledged philosophy that is about.

  3. slpmartin says:

    So many fail to understand the human tragedies officers see on a daily basis…thanks for posting this poem…and bringing into view this issue.

  4. Welcome, Jason, and thank you for sharing this moving poem.

  5. Tokeloshe says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Great photo effects.

  6. buttercup600 says:

    Jason, you have encaptulated what really goes on that we don’t always see….It touched my heart deeply!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. klrs09 says:

    A haunting poem, I have great admiration and sympathy for men and women who choose careers as police, armed forces and fire fighters. They see what most of us choose to turn a blind eye to, and they do it every day. They are the real heroes in our world. Thank you for sharing your pain, Jason. I hope you found some peace in doing so.

  8. Kavita says:

    Oh my… that was SOMEthing!
    I don’t even want to imagine what must be going over in the minds of these officers – the miserable sights, the deeds of human monstrosity, the acts of depravation…
    Their questioning God actually seem justified. After witnessing these sights, questioning God’s intentions may not be all that difficult after all..
    I salute to your officer friend, and to all those who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe from the evil human demon ..

    And thank you Cindy, for sharing this poem by your friend, with all of us.. We just take them and their thankless work for granted, but once in while, we need to get a reality check done!

  9. adeeyoyo says:

    This poem touched me deeply! @Paula: I so agree with you.

  10. Jem says:

    sjoe! powerful stuff

  11. Billy Cox says:

    Great Poem Jason Brown, keep the ink on the tip of your quill!

  12. KARIN says:

    Great poem, Jason. Thanks for sharing it. I’m no member of the police force, but I do think you guys see a side of society that we, ordinary people, cannot even imagine. Thank you for that.

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