Our well known Maritzburg blogger Supagran is a “Wine Ambassador” for Kleine Zalze and so is our good friend Cindy who used to blog here on LetterDash and now blogs elsewhere, and they are in fact doing very well and are currently lying in first and second place. I have no idea how the scoring system works but you can check it out here.

So yesterday I was in the supermarket and about to buy ingredients for a nice curry when I decided to support these two bloggers by buying a few bottles of Kleine Zalze. This way they can go back to their teacher and say “Your sales have already increased by having us as Ambassadors due to the mysterious Count Czardas buying your wine. And he does not normally buy wine with screwcaps”.

And hopefully this will earn them a few a few points more on top of the leaderboard.

The only Kleine Zalze red that this particular supermarket had in stock was a Merlot. Not only is Merlot Cindy’s favourite cultivar, but it also does not go too well with curry.

So I had to change my culinary plans. I bought some very nice looking lamb, which I only slightly browned in a frying pan, then popped them into the oven in a cast iron casserole pot with some rosemary at a very low temperature indeed. Then I popped some onion rings into a pan and softened them on the stove top, again at a low temperature, so they softened and sweated rather than fried and browned.

The beauty of this sort of slow cooking is it gave me a chance to catch most of the very entertaining Sharks vs Bulls game on the telly at the other end of the house (And aren’t Mvovu and Lambie brilliant young prospects ?).

Then I layered the onions and and meat in the pot with lots of black pepper and some whole cloves of garlic and a splosh of wine and continued the low temperature treatment.

The other beauty of this slow cooking method is it gives plenty of chance to the cook to also have a splish and a splosh of wine as he cooks. Which is great because by now the golf was on the telly and wine makes it a much more interesting game to watch. Much later, as the meat stewed and so did I, I chopped some cherry tomatoes in half and popped them in. Very simple, very slow. Cheers.

I only turned the oven up just before serving and the result was marvelous, as Keith Floyd used to say, and went very well with the easy drinking style of the Merlot.

Well done to Kleine Zalze, well done to Supa and Cindy and well done to the Sharks and very well done to our lad Louis “Shrek” Oosthuizen for managing to stay four shots clear despite all the wine that was being drunk on his behalf.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. nrhatch says:

    Well done, Count Czardas!

    You have mastered the Zen of Cooking!

    Well done, grasshopper. : )

  2. A man after my own heart, lovely post!

  3. halfp1nt says:

    Well done to the Count!
    I wonder if he would consider giving cooking lessons to my GR?

  4. MaanKind says:

    Dis fantasties! Op watter basis werk die Leaderboard? Wat moet jy doen om punte te verdien?
    (Ek het ook aansoek gedoen, maar is nie gekeur nie)

  5. buttercup600 says:

    Jy gaan beslis wen, daar is geen twyfel nie!!! Go Girl :)!!!! x

  6. Thats my kind of cooking!

  7. adeeyoyo says:

    Well the Count has surely done a good job too – I will check out the Kleine Zalze when next I go shopping!

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