My friend Melanie gave my daughter a very special present for her birthday.  A ‘prayer balloon’ with which to release a wish to the universe.  My husband and I helped her do this yesterday, just as darkness came.  I was a special moment for all three of us.

I hope her wish comes true.

Thank you Mel.



  1. That is the best ever!!! Ek wonder of dit hier in Australia beskikbaar is…gaan more uitvind!! Dogters is baie baie spesiaal en mag al haar drome waar word…en soveel meer! Vanuit ‘n koue Gold Coast vanaand (7 grade)…Mwah x

  2. Very special.

    I did a blog about you and Supa and the wine ambassador thing, but then when I tried to refer to it in comments on your blogs over there they didn’t show up.

  3. Wow.. how thoughtful of your friend!!!
    And how every sweet of you and your husband to help your daughter release it during twilight! I am sure it was a very special moment… the images are really pretty too!
    And yes, may all her prayers and dreams come true…
    I am not usually a balloon fan, but this one, I superliked !!!

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