i watch them;
unseen, ignored
made invisible by my age
shy, holding hands,
mouths greedy for curlicue kisses:

they think they
wrote the book,
they think they
found eternal flame
in flesh still firm
with ignorance.

silly infants, still
to learn dreary life lessons
of bonds
and bills and bread;
birth control/
self control.



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  1. I still would like to believe we can have all that with all the perfunctory – may be why I am where I am ey?

  2. Even at that age I wasn’t one of them. Actually, I’m closer now than then, with a man who stuck by me for 24 years. Sometimes when I look at those people, I have to remind myself we are the same species.

  3. Hmmm…firm flesh sounds good to me…but then…happy where I am right now!! Your blog is just awesome and I am so happy to have found you!! Have a wonderful weekend (not a warm one…winter here in Aussie too). ~ Hugs xxx

  4. Ah…it is sometimes good to be the observer and recall all the things you thought when you were their age…so young…so not ready for prime time. πŸ˜‰ There is nothing finer than morning coffee and one of your poems.

  5. I like this one quite a bit, Cin. And yes, I sometimes long for those days–wouldn’t it be wonderful to take today’s mind back into yesterday’s body? But then, would the wisdom really go? Or would hormones take over?

    Ah, well.

  6. Lots of trips down Memory Lane today Cindy.
    Yours was right up there with the best.
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Thank you so much for making the effort to join in on The Friday Fun…You Rock Baby
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End….G

  7. After much googling…I found your blog. Serendipitous..excepting, of course, I was looking for it. Great blog and a fabulous 55. I must try to do one of these…you have set the bar quite high.
    Thanks for your visits to my little world πŸ™‚

    Tracy H

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