I thought I had cancer again. Here I was, after so many false starts, happy beyond anything I could have dreamed. I’d met my soulmate, I was doing work that I loved; I was healthy and fit, my world was perfect. For the first two months I didn’t notice; I’d come to terms with the fact that I would never become pregnant, a barren woman, that was a phrase flung at me by my ex-husband.

When the third month passed and I realized the absence of my monthly visitor, I went to see old Doc Perlman. I was stoic; I’d beaten the dreaded C before. We chatted a while and then he said OK, my girl, let’s have a look at you.

His face was sombre when I’d dressed and returned to his desk. He made notes in my file, closed it and looked up at me. What are your plans for mid-July? He asked.

Oh, I’m not sure, why? I said.

His kind eyes started to twinkle. You’re going to have a baby around then …

And I drove away from his rooms in a daze. I still – to this day – haven’t gotten over the fact that the gods have been so kind to me.

This special blessing.
She’ll be 12 years old tomorrow.


45 thoughts on “A DOZEN YEARS AGO

  1. And she is as beautiful as her mom!!
    The angels certainly blessed the right person!!
    Happy Birthday to OB for tomorrow!!!

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful story. And your little girl looks like you too. All the blessings Cindy. You have been very brave and preserving. I’m full of admiration for you. The best.

  3. I have always felt that things happen for a reason, but we don’t always know why. This was probably the right time for you. Lovely story – thanks for sharing it. Wish your daughter happy birthday! (She looks just like her mum) 😀

  4. Awesome! She looks so much like you . . .

    Happy Birthday, OB! . . . from one Cancer to another.

    Did you tell your ex-husband that you’d never been barren ~ that you just hadn’t wanted to get pregnant until you found your soulmate?

  5. That was beautiful! I cannot even begin to imagine the thrill you must’ve felt, and still feel 🙂
    A Very Happy Birthday to your lil angel…
    Have a lovely time with her!!!
    Best Regards…

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