Side View’s weekend theme this week is REUNION.

They met some thirty years ago, young men in their twenties, both sent from their home countries to work in what was then South West Africa. A shared love of scuba diving, running and playing squash soon bred a firm friendship. In time they got married, Roger in London and Alan in Cape Town; guests at each other’s weddings.

With their wives they eventually returned to their native lands, their correspondence dwindled and eventually petered out. Both got divorced. When I met Alan he would regale me with lovely stories of his friend.

The internet was born and Alan managed to track Roger down and they were again able to communicate regularly, with Roger and his new girlfriend (Linda) holidaying frequently in Cape Town and eventually coming here to be married in Franschoek on a wine estate, with Alan as Best Man.

Roger and Linda bought a holiday home in Cape Town and had a little boy named Alfie. Alan and I had Original Bunn. Linda and I got on from the outset and the children grew as close as siblings. Every visit together brought laughter and precious memories, along with sad farewells.

This current visit has been made more significant because the men, now well in their fifties, have been able to share the historical FIFA Soccer World Cup matches with their children. It has been wonderful to watch them; to witness their easiness with one another and to listen to them reminisce.

Next week it will all be over and time for Roger to go back to London. Alan will have a lump in his throat when he drops Roger at the airport.

But December is not far away. There will always be reunions.


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