If, in time, life becomes
a knotted spiral,
a twisted hoop of painful pace
and choking fumes:
turbulent, intertwined inside a
tight chicane;
alight the saddle for a while
and let the engine idle.
Step from the frantic tarmac;
and take an interval of quietude,
dip toes into a restful pool,
refuel until the soul
– refreshed –
drifts back into
the streaming race.
©Cindy Taylor 2008


A chicane is a sequence of tight serpentine curves (usually an S-shape curve or a bus stop) in a roadway, used in motor racing and on city streets to slow cars. On modern raceways, chicanes are usually located after long straights, making them a prime location for overtaking.


7 thoughts on “STOP AWHILE

  1. I like the message and the presentation and I love “chicane”. I know the word only from an ELO song (Can’t get it out of my head) “walking on a wave’s chicane”.
    I always assumed it just meant trickery or deception .

    thank you for the poem and the definition 🙂

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