He has them,
his golden girls,
for just fourteen gemstone days.

There they lie asleep,
fruit from different women
he has loved
arms entwined;
a confidential knot,
allowed to be sisters for a fortnight.


12 thoughts on “VISITATION RIGHTS

  1. My friend D’s only child, K, learned at 18 that she had a half-sister almost the same age.

    Turns out it was that sister, not her “dead beat dad,” that K had been “searching for” all those years.

    BTW: D didn’t know about the other woman or her child until K did. K is loving her new family.

    Beautiful poem.

      • There’s a lot of men spilling their seed and creating fruit from different women.

        Old joke:

        Woman: “Do you have any kids?”
        Man: “None that I know of . . . ha! ha!”

        It’s even funnier when you switch sexes. : )

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