Bodacious can mean:

Remarkable, courageous, audacious, spirited
Bodacious the Bull
In CB radio jargon, a general-purpose word of praise
A variety of iris (plant)
Voluptuous, attractive, “hot,” appealing to the eye
Bo-Day-Shus!!!, an album by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper.
So, our good friend Side View has used Bodacious as her theme challenge for this weekend, and it turned into a weekend where I was able to use the word often.

First off, Side View came over on Friday afternoon. Nobody she works with reads my blog, so I can reveal that she was playing hookie. We opened a bottle of reliable old Fish Hoek Merlot and started to discuss ‘bodacious’. I’d always assumed the word originated from reference to Boadicea, the Celtic Queen of circa AD 60. But it seems not, and I haven’t had time to investigate the etymology of ‘bodacious’. We decided it was a fine idea to go off in search of a wine which was deserving of being called bodacious.

Courageous, we entered the village and made a lot of noise in the bottle store and came away with two wines because we liked the unusual labels. I chose The Dark Side because it brought fond memories of a psychopathic blogger on my old blog site, and Sidey chose an appropriate mate; Matt Black Bilton. Both wines were dark as mud (excuse the bad photos, they are evidence of our enjoyment of the wines).


We watched a gory television programme after the football match, and decided we were never going to consider having plastic surgery. Ever.

My beautiful table  and lovely meal were a waste on Saturday night; my guests were travelling from Durban and were delayed by roadworks, they only arrived after 9pm, by which time everyone was too tired and cross to eat.

Sad condolences to England for being beaten so badly by the Germans yesterday, I expect very glum returning guests to my home today. I wonder if a robust, bodacious tamatie bredie* will give some comfort?

* a traditional South African lamb and tomato stew.

Now; while we wait for our next challenge over at the Kleine Zalze Ambassador blog, let’s get to know each other, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Where do you cook?

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31 thoughts on “A BODACIOUS WEEKEND

  1. I’ve always wanted a stove like that … and now I have one!!!!!! YAY!!! I LOVE cooking on and in it 😀 I trust your lamb shanks did not go to waste though!!!

  2. I am laughing at all the comments ~ no one talking about:

    * the origin of “bodacious”
    * Cindy’s choice of The Dark Side wine
    * the dark photos of The Dark Side (excess consumption?)
    * the pros and cons of plastic surgery
    * the wasted meal
    * the guests from Durban

    Everyone just oohing and aahing over Cindy’s gas stove!

  3. Yo Cin, glad Voted put up a link to your new blog. I see you’re still cooking up a storm.

    As for England, I’m too hungover to comment… 😉

    Take care,


  4. Love the names of the wines, Cin. How sad your guests didn’t make it on time for supper 😦
    Gorgeous kitchen and stove. I love the man standing next to it 🙂

  5. Sorry your guests were late and bad tempered and that they lost their match. Have they gone home or are they waiting for the final? The wine sounds divine!

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