There they lie;
strewn on my floor
fragments, impotent ideas
look at them:
scrunched up paper starts
like shattered shards of a fallen coffee cup.
Pencil shavings’ futile scent
to trying again
and again
to no avail!
Let’s not flog this dead old horse
how about we
put on some red shoes

The originator of Friday Flash 55 is mrknowitall.


19 thoughts on “FRIDAY FLASH 55 WORDS

  1. I love being able to tear up a piece of paper – to scrunch it and leave it wherever while I carry on writing.
    It’s a sense of trying, whereas on my lappi, there is nothing to attest to my attempts.
    Have a lovely weekend Cindy

  2. That sounds like me, except it not with paper just the backspace button – nothing to show for my failed attempts at being a writer.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and I’m not sure about the question you asked, will have to investigate it.

  3. Cindy…?
    You can’t access My Blog?
    Thats a Drag, cause this was Fantastic!
    We’ve all been there baby..
    Thanks for having the lovely Alice link you up.
    This made me smile…Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Its soooo good. U r Fantastic.

    Hi, Love the life that u r leading.lead the life that u r loving. Be prepared and b satisfied and you will feel happy.
    Gud Day.
    Visit my blog (

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