I try to stick to the discipline of writing a poem a day.

Inspiration is easy to find; often I wake up with the framework / idea, or a news story will inspire me.  But there are times when nothing comes to mind and I have to dig around a little.  Sometimes Wikipedia works, other times I just rootle through my photo albums and find a picture ‘to talk to’.
This is this morning’s, I’m still playing with it.


Cutlery twinkles in anticipation
flanking waiting white plates.
A ticking clock warns of wasted time,
while an oven timer trills the alert;
it’s burnt!
A flower in the centerpiece tips its head at me
in a sympathy-scented salute;
while butterballs lose their molded shape.

It’s clear, it’s late; there’s no one coming,
just one more glass and then I’ll kill the candle …


16 thoughts on “TALKING TO A PICTURE, 2

  1. I also oft times look at pici’s for inspiration, and musezaklee that gets me going too.

    I like what you saw in the pici, even if it was sad!

  2. Well, he/she certainly doesn’t know what he/she missed! I loved the ‘killing the candle’! I’m offline until I don’t know when so trying to catch up quickly.

  3. This reminded me of one of those scences from a movie where some tragic event prevents the lovers from meeting…it could be the only reason for not meeting with you. 😉

    • I think it’s something that happens to most of us at some time or other … whatever the reason. But your comment is food for thought, what could have been the reason that the narrator of my poem’s swain stood her up?

  4. This happened to me just once . . . in college.

    The worst part about it . . . I didn’t have any wine to keep me company while I waited. : )

    He eventually appeared on my doorstep, feigning surprise that we’d had dinner plans.

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