Let’s get it out of the way. I am a bowl slut, I just leave them all over the place. It’s my mother’s fault. She instilled in me the discipline of never arriving empty handed when invited to someone’s home. So, at every invitation, I ask “What shall I bring”. No matter how gracious the prospective hostess’s “Just yourself, Dear”; I still bring along a bowl of something.

And then I proceed to drink all their liquor and leave my bowl behind; never to see it again. Bowls, it seems, are like borrowed books; people grow fond of them and are reluctant to return them. I’ve probably lost upwards of 2 000 bowls in my life.

So, over the years, I have devised a cunning plan to hang onto my bowls: I lied to people and told them I suffer from a fear of going out and can only entertain at home. My strategy has worked and – as a result – I have a fairly active kitchen life.

Anyhow, I’ve settled into a formula for dinner parties: a showy-offy starter, a slow-cooked main course that I can get going the day before, and a take-it-or-leave-it dessert buffet that can survive into the new week’s lunch boxes if nobody is up for pudding.

Today I am hosting a recently married couple for lunch; they’re vegetarian and I’ve got everything ready ahead of time. Basil pesto to toss on some steamed asparagus and – just in time for my friend Tandy’s weekly food challenge – a savoury tart of brinjals and cheddar in phyllo, to go with my sweet potato chowder.

Et viola! I think a fruit platter will be sufficient for afters?


24 thoughts on “BOWLS…

  1. Now do YOU collect their bowls?????
    Sounds delicious…wish I lived nearer.
    I must get the recipe from you…when the world cup is over I am dragging Lyndatjie over for a meal!

  2. Your brinjal tart looks really divine.Love brinjal in any shape or form.I take wine and flowers now(or chocolates).Also lost way to many bowls in my life time(and tupperwares because I’m forever giving people left overs).
    Hope you have a great(and warm)Sunday.

  3. Sounds scrumptious — did your guests leave a bowl behind? and I like that description — ‘bowl slut’ — however, in my case I can’t help accumulating them — I see one, and I have to buy it — especially small, exquisitely made ones.

    • I collect handmade pottery with beautiful glazes ~ bowls (from large to small to tiny), small dishes for dips, etc.

      I don’t buy many these days, but I love the ones I’ve collected over the years.

  4. Also have a love for bowls especially since I started making them – not letting those out of my sight!

    Hope you had a great lunch

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