Back in April my friend Chantelle sent me a mail message directing me to a website she thought I’d find interesting; it was a South African wine estate and they were recruiting Brand Ambassadors to compete in a ‘blog-off’ for the season. There was free wine in the offing, and I thought it would be fun and the added allure of a super final prize was extra incentive, so I applied and waited eagerly for news which never came. I eventually forgot about it.

Yesterday, in my inbox, was this message:


Dear Cindy,

Allow us to be the first to congratulate you! Your application to be a Kleine Zalze Ambassador was successful! Welcome to sharing the good life.

So what happens now?

Your complementary wine is on it’s way to the delivery address you specified in your application and you should receive it within the next week. Your wine will be delivered during normal working hours, so please ensure that you have supplied the correct address for that time. Should that not be the correct address, please respond to this mail with an address that we can deliver to during that time.

We will also be setting up your blogging profile on the website and you will receive an email with your username and password once it has been created. Keep an eye on your email inbox, because your first challenge will be arriving next week on the 18th of June.

But in the mean time, all we ask of you is that you make sure you keep enjoying life.

Have a great weekend.

For the love of wine

Be prepared for lots of food and wine posts; wish me luck and watch this space!


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