In 2008 I discovered poet De Waal Venter and enlisted in a poetry course with him which gave me a new perspective; both to writing and reading poetry. My tutor became my friend and mentor, and what I have learned has opened a wonderful new world to me.

Here then, as my very first guest blogger on my WordPress blog; a poem from De Waal, and a photograph by this talented and inspiring man.

Germane to magic

Juggling adroitly
with seven water
the magician
what to do next
to astound his audience.

He considered constructing
a table cloth
from the morning’s
muted pigeon calls,
but decided that
was old hat.

A thought occurred to him,
and he smiled.
Why not make something real come true?

At that he approached a friend of his
who intensely disliked his neighbour,
and whispered in his ear.

Expressions of confusion, sorrow, joy
and decision crossed his friend’s face.

I will now go and shake my neigbour’s hand,
he said. I did not realise
he was me.

Photograph and poem, copyright De Waal Venter


12 thoughts on “GUEST BLOGGER

  1. I loved it at his blog and I love it here.
    I have one guinea ,I had 11 but foxes and coyotes got the rest of them.

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