A busy peahen chimes her bossy displeasure at the early hour,
scattering a skulking gang of hadedas, who plot a stolen breakfast,
from some unsuspecting suburban German Shepherd;
who in turn,
will be jolted from his sunny snooze and dreams of grey rabbits,
will bark his outrage at a haughty ginger cat.

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16 thoughts on “FRIDAY FLASH 55 WORDS

    • Thank you klrs09. As far as I know, Flash 55 doesn’t have to be poetry, it’s just a challenge from mrknowitall to post something with a 55-word limit every Friday.

  1. Now THATS what I’m talkin about!
    I loved this animal 55…You Rock!
    Thanks for taking this weekly challenge, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…Galen

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