I make a mini ceremony of opening my post. The mailman usually arrives mid-morning and Our Alice will sort the envelopes; bundles for Old Spouse, Grandy and me. Mine gets left in a toast-rack in the kitchen and I only open it the next morning, with my second cup of coffee of the day and my first cigarette. I open bills first, then the rest, saving letters from friends and family for last. (I love having pen pals, feel free to send me your address if you too still live in a Luddite world).

There are usually invitations to things (I subscribe to many art galleries) and I received one this morning that just made me cross. The blurb was so pretentious that I almost ditched my coffee in favour of the cooking sherry!

“In ‘Category Error’, the pleasure of subverting socially constructed categories through re-presentation is explored. Encyclopediac views and master narratives are put under the microscope. Using found objects and images, domestic archives and repetitive technologies, nostalgia for a pre-digital era is ironically undercut.”

What a load of hooey!



  1. Oh, my…and someone got paid to write that…once at the university we had a fellow working as an external supervisor of our students… he would write similar statements…so we put together a letter using a federal buzz word list…three columns with numbers by each word…someone would call out a three digit number and the corresponding phrase was inserted into the letter…the fellow found the letter we wrote ‘quite insightful’…sounds like he’s working in your country now. 😉

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