On a humdrum Monday morning,
Mrs Vera Walker chose to drive
instead of strolling to the school;
(as habit had it).
Maybe Mary was contrary,
or Simon simply ‘otherwise’?

Vera moved her eyes a fraction,
just a nanosecond segment of the wrong time.

(but long enough to see the dog from Billy’s house
run grinning and tail-shaking round the bend)

Jonas was just jovial with the promise of the week,
a new route amongst the leafy streets
and for a change no fusty suits to drive;
(as habit had it)
but eleven happy cricket boys
chirp-chirping in the back.

He smiled before he turned the corner,
at the happy dog that sped on past.

When Beatle ran into the house
he knocked poor Billy off his feet.
Vagabond hound! You naughty dog;
you’ll be the death of me!

©Cindy Taylor 2009