The dog examines,
with a quizzical stare,
the shoes the man is putting on.

A wavelength of pigment passes the retina;
the shoe is brown and the smell of polish
computes in her brain,
but still,
she allows her tail a hopeful thump.

In the room where food happens,
is the smell of greaseproof paper
around an office sandwich,
not of fried eggs
and grass-stained sneakers.

She lifts her head
to receive the hand that passes over
her scull,
inside which she understands the sound
she soon will hear:

Good dog.

©Cindy Taylor 2009

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22 thoughts on “WHAT DAY IS IT?

    • Well, the dog watches the owner getting ready for what she understands is a ‘non walkies’ day, but she remains hopeful despite the smells, colours and sounds she understands from the routine of weekdays: shoe polish, office sandwich etc. and as opposed for those she recognises from weekend/walk days: grass-stained shoes etc. The last line brings home that she is not being taken for a walk, but must ‘stay’.

  1. I had an English teacher at high school who told us that a good poet is one who able to evoke emotion and translate feeling in words about anyone or anything other than themselves.

    I reckon she would have given you and your dog an A+.

  2. Love the way you speak ummm “dogese?” it gives a depth and humour! “In the room where food happens”

  3. I rather like the comment about your ability to speak “dogese”…as far as I can tell there are many dog owners who claim to have this skill…your is the first translation that I have read. 😉 A rather clever poem with some very fun phrases in it.

  4. I feel guilty every single morning going through this exact thing with my two dogs. They KNOW I’m going to work but their hopefull faces until I give them their little treat and say STAY kills me… 😦

  5. I feel so guilty when I go out, especially now that I only have my dear little boysie and he has no company when I’m out. I don’t say “Stay” like Lyndatjie, I say “Bye, my baby. I won’t be long” even if I’ll be out all day. 😥

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