It’s a really ugly box; the lid is warped, its corners in tatters. Let’s throw it away, I say, there’s just a lot of junk in it.

No Mom, she says, look here. Sit down with me.

There are two rusty screws and she asks if I remember that day, when she was five and rode her bike alone for the first time. These are the screws from when Dad took off my training wheels.

A grubby knot of tissue; she unwraps it and there it lies, a gory milk tooth. When you were still the Tooth Fairy; you left the money under my pillow, but forgot to take the tooth.

What about this; a stone? It is a magic pebble, when I have to do an oral exam, I keep it in my pocket and squeeze it in my hand and forget about the class watching me.

A broken torch, a ball of string, a key, a length of bathplug chain …

I guess the box must stay.


19 thoughts on “THE BOX

  1. Original Bunn sounds like me…I am extremely sentimental about things. I have a scrapbook with pieces of wrapping paper from gifts I’ve received, I have the casts of my teeth before I had my braces put on, the first keyring I had my first car’s key attached to. The box is definitely going to have to stay.

  2. I’m not going to apologise for being sentimental because then I’m just going to feel all guilty again for the different shoe boxes in my cupboard…

  3. This touched my heart and of course, as you aptly expressed it, memories and precious times are treasures you can never discard. 🙂

  4. Time flies by like the retreating waves…. leaving behind some traces on the sand…. and leaving us to wonder about the new found shapes of lives lived yesterday 🙂

    I instantly few back to my old days and started collecting the memoirs…. Beautifully written 🙂

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