“From fragments of sentences that fell from his lips, I understood him to be claiming that he’d been on his way to his true and noble destination when he was sidetracked by women. He himself, he asserted, would have been contented with an unadorned life, a roof over his head to shelter him from weather, a cot to sleep on, a stove to keep him warm when cold winds blew, and upon which he could prepare spartan meals.
All men aspire toward the mountain peaks, but women drive them down into valleys of domesticity where they are ambushed by family life and other degrading and petty tyrannies.”
Paula Fox / Borrowed Finery, a memoir.

I imagine you,
on your tedious journeys
think only of this doorway,
this chair and this fire,
and that; so focused
you are able to find your way home.
Every time.

©Cindy Taylor 2008



17 thoughts on “DOMESTIC TRAP?

  1. Paula Fox has a lot of men off pat. Not newly weds, but the ones who’ve been married for a while. They like to think of themselves as ‘trapped’.

    I think that women like to think it is as you have put it and, maybe, sometimes it is.

  2. So many stereotypes of men and women…they provide such fine excuses to avoid seeing the real person…ah just a random thought. Again enjoyed your post.

  3. I expect that the answer varies from man to man.

    Some dream of adventure while enjoying days of domesticity.
    Others dream of domestic life while moving from adventure to adventure.

  4. domesticity was a bit boring before kids and before I went to work for myself and brought us to the edge of poverty .
    Now every day of domesticity IS a great adventure!

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