Too late,
brakes screech, fender thumps;
another car hits the speedbump.

A boombox strolls by on shoulders;
make da circle beega!*
and the young guns sing along.

and the man, hot faced, shouting;
how long must I wait at the gate?

Midnight sirens
wailing protest; hier’s nog huismoles.*

Birds, disturbed, scream at dawn;
A poet once said they were scared …
of flying …
not of us;
or our suburban symphony.

©Cindy Taylor 2010


* make da circle beega – a current SA pop song ‘Make the circle bigger’.
* hier’s nog huismoles – here’s more domestic violence.


10 thoughts on “SUBURBAN CACOPHONY

    • @ slpmartin, I always have concerns that some references in my ‘ethnic voice’ may get the foreign reader confused. I’m still in two minds whether to include footnotes.

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