J’ai la gratitude…

During a breather in the ballet and piano lesson run yesterday, I tried to catch up on some reading and was diverted by a word in the first paragraph: appreciation.  It took my mind up all sorts of alleys (firstly Appreciation Of Merlot) and finally to the realisation that we don’t say Thank You often enough.  Oh, I don’t mean the automatic kind of Thank You one gives the lady at the supermarket till, the car guard, the waitress.  I so wish I had said to my mother whilst she was alive that I appreciated and recognised what she had given me, that I understood the sacrifices she had made.  I would dearly like to find my high school English teacher and thank her for the gift of a love of literature.  When The Husband got home, I told him that I truly appreciated him and all he does for our family, that he is unique and extremely handsome.  He said “Cor blimey Woman, get a hold of yourself!” and took his newspaper off to the Jolly Roger.

Nicely fuddled by a couple of beers, he returned to my kitchen later.  I’d been making a seafood curry and the room was steamy with saffron and coriander smells…

He had two helpings …

I do love to cook for the man.

Edit: Recipe as requested by Krokodil:

We’re lucky to have the excellent fishmonger in nearby Dunkeld.  I bought:

Calamari (which I marinated in milk through the day)




Crab sticks

I chopped onions and garlic and sautéed them in olive oil; adding chopped chillies, red curry paste (John West), tomato puree, cumin, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, nutmeg, cinnamon and a tablespoon of sugar.  When all this was sizzling, I added a good dash of lemon juice and half a bottle of Chenin Blanc and let it reduce a bit.   The seafoods were added in the sequence I listed them above; over a period of 5 minute intervals.  I served the dish 5 minutes after adding the crab sticks, and garnished with fresh coriander.  The poppadoms were bought at our local deli in the afternoon.


34 thoughts on “J’ai la gratitude…

  1. I made Beef curry last night… but I was out of beers and had nobody to share them with.

    Cindy… I appreciate that you have someone to share your food with.

  2. You are right , we don’t say thank you often enough . That is why , when we do , the recipient of our thanks is often a little unsure of how to receive it !

  3. I so agree with you – thank you Cin for all you bring to the blogs and to me personally too! You are a very special lady.

  4. You’re right. We don’t say thank you from the heart often enough.

    Lucky man to have such a cook!

    Did you read DaaiVark’s blogpost yesterday? About the Nevaho lady who got a ride from a woman. The Nehavo woman didn’t speak a word, but asked about a parcel her benefactor had in the car. “Oh, that’s a bottle of wine I got for my husband.”

    After which the wise old lady was silent for a while. “Good trade,” she finally said.

  5. As usual, a post filled with good common sense. Sigh, I do miss the Jolly, could do with one of there pizza’s about now. And a beer of course

    • You’re welcome, I didn’t include measurements and quantities, because I just make things up as I go along and hope for the best. It usually works 🙂

  6. Yum! I can almost smell your curry.There is something so satisfying about cooking for someone who really appreciates it.

  7. Ain’t that true Adair. I must remember to blog about a meal I spent cooking a whole day … and the guest asked for tomato sauce before he even tasted it.

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