When it seems

that a storm will never end

it is good to remember

                                    how it feels

when your feet touched the tar;


                           but still steaming

                                        in the rain

©Cindy Taylor 2008

Parallax Meaning and Definition

  1. (n.) The apparent displacement, or difference of position, of an object, as seen from two different stations, or points of view.
  2. (n.) The apparent difference in position of a body (as the sun, or a star) as seen from some point on the earth’s surface, and as seen from some other conventional point, as the earth’s center or the sun.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. MissChris says:

    Looooovely and such a good lesson.

  2. theonlycin says:

    We live and learn?

  3. libras child says:

    pic reminds me of your old avatar. i miss your day to day life posts

    1. theonlycin says:

      Miss you too LC.

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