An enterprising young friend has asked me to compile a credentials document for his new business. We agreed, on Skype, to meet at my office this morning and the following ensued:

Me: That is perfect, Dear; shall we make it 10am? I’ll give you directions in a minute.

Chap: ive got a garmin

Me: Oh my! Does it hurt? Will you be able to drive?

Chap: wot?

It eventually became clear to me that a Garmin is a very fancy little box which gives polite instructions on how to reach a destination and my friend took me on a little jaunt to Greenside to show me how clever the gadget is. We stopped for the wonderful coffee at Vida e Café and I was amazed at the array of gizmos on every table, apart from the ubiquitous cell phones; there were palmtops, laptops, iPods and unidentifiable others that I was to embarrassed to ask about.

In any event, our talk turned – as it so often does these days – to crime and the loss of my own cell phone this past weekend. I have made a decision not to replace it, which meets with incredulity all round. To me, it makes perfect sense. I spend the better part of my day at my desk, next to a telephone. My computer has Skype and the dreadful, new Facebook Chat, which means that anyone in the world can interrupt my work if they need to speak to me. I have e-mail and a fax machine.

If I am not at my desk, I am either in the lavatory; doing my luncheon rounds; at the cinema or theatre; having supper with my family or fulfilling my rumpy-pumpy spousal obligations.

In none of these circumstances do I wish to answer a cell phone, just leave a message!


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  1. noooo not your lovely new phone

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