I am: made up of my life experiences, but am constantly changing.

I have: about 54 pairs of shoes, most of them red.

I know: that I am unique.

I think: I should have put the fillet in marinade an hour ago.

I don’t think: the weekend is going the way I wanted it to.

I want: to change some very important things soon.

I have: a tendency to cry easily.

I like: avocado pears.

I dislike: self-indulgent, egomaniac, me-me-me drug addicts.

I hate: winter.

I dream: an impossible dream.  But still I dream it.

I fear: something so much that I don’t want to put it in writing.

I am annoyed: quite often of late.

I crave: sunlight and starshine.
I usually: drink two cups of coffee a day and three glasses of wine a night.

I search: for some good in everyone, often it is hard.

I hide: my secret pair of Crocs away from everyone.

I wonder: what Marthinus eventually did with his life.

I know: that madness is just a moment away for everyone.  Some will evade that moment and others will succumb.  Look at the survivors of the Holocaust.

I just can’t help: myself from reacting to bigots.

I regret: a great many things.  But looking in the rear view mirror may make me miss a signboard, so …

I love: Quentin Crisp until my dying day.

I can’t live without: writing.

I try to: deliver the best version of me.  I really do try.

I enjoy: swimming naked at night in summer.

I don’t care: much for Chardonnay.
I always: dry my feet first when I get out of the bath.

I never want to: be misunderstood, but it happens all the time.
I rely on: my husband, too much perhaps.

I believe: that there are things I cannot change.

I dance: and it embarrasses people, so I try to only do it when I am alone.

I sing: and my family get very cross about it.

I argue: badly.  I am non-confrontational and generally a pacifist.
I write: constantly, without it I would die.

I win: wine sometimes in competitions.  I am lucky that way.

I lose: my reading spectacles very frequently.

I wish: I could fix something I broke.

I listen: to classic rock on DMX channel 119 almost all the time.

I don’t understand: Swedish, but I am working on it.

I’m scared of: again, I can’t write it down.

I forget: family birthdays.  Always.

I am happy: enough.


33 thoughts on “ME, MYSELF, I

  1. This is fabulous…in fact, I feel like I penned the answers to a lot of these. I don’t have a gazillion pairs of shoes…anymore, and am ever impressed that so many of your are red!

  2. Thank God! Someone else besides my mother (post mortem) and me forgets birthdays! I have them ALL in my Outlook reminder system that chimes reminders. I have them ALL recorded in an appointment book cum diary-for-being-in-the-thick-of-thin-things. When Outlook tinkles its demand for acknowledgment, I shudder over ‘what the sam hill has gone wrong with the computer now’!

    How is it that the one birthday that was not assigned a chime was the one for whom I had the pot luck dinner? Okay, it was a month late!

    Thank God for loving friends with a secret desire to protect eccentrics.

    I am going to revel in your blog, Cin! Many thanks. – Amy

  3. I called my sister today to with here happy birthday and it was yesterday! I do have a little bit of an excuse, Only found out about here about 15 or so years ago, so I didn’t grow up with her or anything. But still… it was very embarrassing. :-]

  4. Hi Cindy!
    I just stopped by your blog and was amazed. I think we have some things in common because I love writing, too. I mean, my blog is about food and recipe, but I write a lot (novels, mostly) in my spare time (what? Do I have time to spare? Mmm…), though I wouldn’t dare post them on my blog. I’m too scared! Anyway, I love your work.
    P.S. This post is superb!

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  6. That was so very interesting. I love to hear that I am not the ony one who forgots family birthdays. This year at Christmas, my mother gave me a list of them all. I put it on the refridgerator and I’m sure I have probably already missed one or two!

  7. Happy Birthday…I headed here after reading Tilly’s post to you. i had read it when I first discovered you blog…
    Indeed, you are unique…I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to seeing your blogs show up … makes my day perfect.

    Hope you are having a wonderful birthday… and many more.

    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  8. thanks very much for this. I saw Donna Hay uses the wonton wrappers in stead of pasta sheets to make ravioli, among other things. Definately something to try.


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